2019 Real Estate Sales in Heritage Village


The final statistics for 2019 real estate sales in Heritage Village are in and they should bring smiles to many owners of the 2,580 units here: in general, prices tended to increase with more homes closing this past year (211) than in 2018 (194).

The hottest seller was the Country House, a 1,390 square foot, two-bedroom, two-bathroom home. Of the 388 Country Houses here, 39 sold at an average price of $177,551 and median price of $161,000. The average days on the market was 113.

Pictured left to right, Ron Boufford and Tony Szerszen of Berkshire Hathaway.

In 2018, those same numbers for Country Houses, were lower: of the 25 sold, the average price was $174,610 and, median was $150,000. However, these homes sold quicker: they were on the market for an average number of 63 days.

Ron Boufford, the office leader of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services for Southbury and Heritage Village, who provided the statistics used in this article, and Tony Szerszen, an office realtor, answered a number of questions about what people were seeking when they came to buy.

Were wanna-be buyers (singles and couples) looking for a weekend or a year-round dwelling?

Both men said the overwhelming number of units sold were to people seeking year-round living.

Regardless of what they finally settled on, buyers were interested in a unit’s monthly Village charge, as well as electric and water costs. They also inquired about flooring and its upkeep. Newer appliances and a view were also desirable. Mechanics and heating were also on that list.

Everything else aside, what grabbed buyers’ attention?

While there were buyers who were happy to buy and remodel, Boufford and Szerszen noted people in general were looking for “a more open floor plan and in something move-in ready that did not require much work.”

If they had to upgrade the unit they bought, what kind of upgrades did they want? The answer came quickly from both men with engineered flooring topping their list.

Finally, there was a reminder from both realtors about buying in Heritage Village: One has to be at least 50 years old to buy a unit here but one must be at least 55 to live here.