Jeopardy Has Come to Heritage Village


From the category, Automobiles Named After Animals, the answer is: Ford Motor Co. introduced this popular sports car in 1964. And the question is …

Or how about this category, Movie Quotes: “You can’t handle the truth!” And the question is …

We’ve just taped our first show, which will be seen for your viewing pleasure shortly. And it was a resounding success!

Now that we’ve gotten all of the kinks out, we’re ready for our second show in February.

We need contestants who will challenge our returning champion (Matt Lesser), score keepers (must be able to add and subtract at a quick pace), and many audience members to hum (on key) the Jeopardy theme song. Our January audience did a memorable job and the piano accompaniment was superb!

We have two board attendants to reveal the answers selected by contestants (with style and grace) for February, but there is a need for the March 13 show.

If you would like to submit categories and questions, please feel free to do so. Just remember to create more than five questions; seven would be ideal.

The second show will be taped on Friday, Feb. 14, in Room D. We need you!

For further information, to volunteer, or submit categories and answers, send an email to