When Will It Stop?


To the Villager:

Congratulations to HV Democratic Club president Rich Boritz, and Ed Edelsen for airing former Republican State Rep. O’Neil’s riveting speech on the impeachment of former Gov. John Rowland. Perfect timing to drum up more hate Trump impeachment speeches, and another opportunity to divide a community. Good job.

Haven’t we had enough vile, irrational hate speech over three long years that we have to drag up and continue to drag down a man and his family again, and again for crimes committed 16 years ago?

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste,” said Rahm Emanuel. Never leave a family in peace. Search and destroy then find a crime, and demonize the opposition.

“Trump enablers and their families should expect harassment at restaurants, gas stations, shopping places, and even their homes,” said Maxine Waters. What a party!

Three years ago, In peaceful Heritage Village, unprovoked hate showed its ugly head with Ed Edelsen and Rich Boritz’s campaign to garner petitions for impeachment of a president who had barely taken office, and whose only crime was that he was elected over Hillary Clinton. And they’re at it again. What a party!

Donald Trump could be the only president ever to be impeached for being successful. And for language unbecoming the left. Now there’s a dichotomy.

We now have a national party declaring war on civility, law and order, and due process

“Maybe when you’re roiling in childish rage, the first thing you lose is judgment, and then comes common sense, and finally you lose your mind,” said Bret Easton Ellis.

God Bless America.


Dick Hanley

890A Heritage Village