No Individual Is Above the Law


To the Villager:

I’m responding to Dick Hanley’s letter of Feb.7 (“When Will It Stop?”). I believe President Trump has earned his impeachment because he conflates allegiance to himself with allegiance to our country. He has placed himself above the law and has acted on that belief.

When I was teaching, we began each school day by reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance.” It is a pledge to uphold values that ensure “liberty and justice for all.” It is not a pledge to the president, or any one person for that matter. It calls upon us to unite around the principles of love and compassion for the good of our country.

Collective memory is fleeting. Unless we make the effort to teach our children what our parents learned, they will be ignorant of the lessons of history. Lest we forget, the 20th century teaches us that conflating a leader with a country can lead to disastrous results. Each new generation needs to learn that our republic is a nation of laws.

Yes, I did support impeachment. Hanley, though, has attributed this to the wrong emotion. It is based on love for my fellow Americans and the ideals this country rests on.


Rich Boritz

401A Heritage Village