The Art of Flower Arranging at the Southbury Library

Five members of the Southbury Garden Club are pictured with the group of flower arrangers. Four are Villagers, and Helen Smith is planning to move to the Village. Left to right, back row: Helen Smith, Irma Lesson, Dee Holmes, Ginny Maloney, Rita Mosca.

I received a phone call from Southbury Garden Club Member Dee Holmes asking us if we would photograph and write about the Valentine’s program held on Wednesday, Feb.12. It gave a group of youngsters the chance to put something special together and take home. When we arrived the table was laden with carnations of different colors, baby’s breath and ferns.

Rita Mosca spoke about the project to the children and explained how she soaked the oasis, a block of foam, in water. The group watched as Rita trimmed the stem of each flower on an angle and then placed it in the oasis. The oasis would keep the flowers wet, and more water would have to be added at home. Rita then identified the flowers and greenery and brothers, Will, Kent and Eric, Eva, Addie, Isabel, Fiona, Ella and Isabel got to work. The ladies from the Garden Club assisted. Each child was given a scissors and could choose their flowers. All present enjoyed watching the beautiful arrangements evolve.

Thank you to the Southbury Garden Club and the Friends of the Southbury Public Library for offering my photographer and me invitations to attend the Flower Arranging.

In the next issue of the Heritage Villager, there will be an article entitled “Stepping into Spring” with information about gardeners and the Garden Club.