Feel Safe Thanks to the HV Ambulance


To the Villager:

Yesterday, I had my first experience with the ambulance. Thank goodness, I was not the patient but the patient’s neighbor and was called to just sit with her through her call to 911 until she was safely ensconced in the Heritage Village Ambulance and on her way to Danbury Hospital.

It surprised me how quickly the young man from HV Security arrived. The ambulance itself was not far behind. Before I knew it, Officer Rob Burke, HV’s dedicated policeman, joined for backup.

They put my neighbor in a chair, eased her down the condo’s eight steps, transferred her to a gurney, wheeled it down the path and slid the gurney into the wagon. The driver took the wheel; the EMT could begin to administer the meds she needed ASAP. They also took care that the two small bags she had packed were not left behind.

Perfect response time. Professional operation. Assurance to me and, hopefully, to your readers, that our ambulance can be relied upon.

In response to my question, I learned that if an ambulance were to be needed in HV before that one returned from Danbury, the Southbury Ambulance would go into action.

This professional operation didn’t just happen. It’s taken a mighty team of dedicated HV residents – a crew scheduler, recruiter, training coordinator, bookkeeper, grant writer, board member, vehicle maintenance supervisor and his team.

If you, dear reader, would like to join this dedicated and most essential team, there’s always room for more. Please call the President George Goodwin at 203-267-1515. He’ll be delighted to hear from you.


Susan Spelman

416B Heritage Village