No Party Is Above the Law


To the Villager:

Rich Boritz’s reply (Feb. 21, “No Individual Is Above the Law”) to my letter of Feb. 7 (“When Will it Stop?”) totally misses the point. The point was the left’s ongoing blind hatred, continuing lies, threats and harassment against Donald Trump, and anyone who supports him.

I repeat, “Search and destroy then find a crime, and demonize the opposition, and its supporters,” Nancy Pelosi. And we should never forget the words of our supposed leaders like Maxine Waters, and Hillary (Deplorables) Clinton. This is not what you teach our children, which brings me to the point of college campus hate and the egregious attacks on our constitutional right of free speech. How many more conservative speakers will be shouted down and attacked, as the faculty does nothing?

Hate and intolerance have to be carefully taught. It worked for the Nazi and Communist parties.

Boritz speaks of upholding the values of “liberty and justice for all,” and it was good to hear that when he was teaching, schools were required to have the American flag in classrooms where students and teachers stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. As he put it, “For the love and compassion for the good of our country.”

It’s good to know we have the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance in many of our local government meetings and clubs like the Heritage Village Republican Club. But in Mr. Boritz’s Democratic Club, I saw no flag, no Pledge of Allegiance.

If Democrat liberals really care about our children’s lessons of history, they need to support diversity in the faculty. And to Rich Boritz’s point, I add, no party is above the law. Again, to the point of my previous letter, I ask, “When will the language of hate stop?”

For love of country, try signing letters with …

God Bless America!


Dick Hanley

890A Heritage Village