Truth Matters More Than Party Loyalty


To the Villager:

Responding to Dick Hanley’s Feb. 7 letter (“When Will It Stop?”) in this newspaper, my call in 2017 for an impeachment inquiry was affirmed when the House of Representatives elected in 2018 objectively reviewed facts, discovering a cover-up of illegal, inappropriate campaign actions.

Pre-2018, a united front by Republicans and new AG enabled the president to escape impeachment.

Enter 2019. Trump repeats the behaviors, but this time is impeached. The third impeachment in our history. The only president accused of campaign rigging for personal benefit, making a mockery of good governance and campaign laws.

Rep. O’Neill’s talk on his role in Connecticut’s impeachment inquiry illuminated difficulties when the subject of inquiry is the Chief Executive controlling the administration. Rep. O’Neill was more concerned about truth and the law than party loyalty.

We who appreciate the lessons of history reject Hanley’s depiction of O’Neill’s talk as dredging up old stories. Those who do not learn their history are doomed to repeat it.

“Ad-man” Hanley should be able to recognize a con. Trump’s re-election campaign spent several $100Mil spinning truth into lies, lies into truth. Campaign “censorship by noise” manipulated people into believing Mueller’s report exonerated Trump; in fact, it stated the evidence was NOT sufficient to exonerate. Trump didn’t answer questions sent to him.

Hanley mistakenly claims to know my motivations. If we’d spoken, I would’ve said I hoped Trump would move away from divisiveness, name-calling, bullying and lying permeating his campaign. He didn’t. Many close to his campaign were found guilty of crimes or plead guilty. Disrespecting the rule of law damages our fragile democracy.

There’s a good chance Trump will be re-elected because people like Hanley are easily conned and won’t look at history. It’s like those who invested in Trump’s second casino in Atlantic City while his first was going bankrupt. What happened next? History repeats itself.

Ed Edelson

609B Heritage Village