Magazine Exchange Should Be Moved


To the Villager:

The Heritage Village Website currently has on its Homepage, a great article about the historic buildings here in the Village and includes the Meeting House which dates back to 1740. The article (excerpt is below) speaks about the original library in the Meeting House which became our Magazine Exchange. The Magazine Exchange has now been moved to another building (the Lodge) so that the room in the Meeting House could be used to accommodate the HV Resource Officer from the Southbury Police department, a plan that has since been abandoned.

We kept the Magazine Exchange as a type of reading room and thus continued its original purpose. It doesn’t cost the Village anything and it is supported and maintained by our residents. Copies of recent magazines are donated and dropped off at the room by Village residents. The magazines are then put out on the shelves in the room and organized by category, a job superbly done on a continuous basis by a few Village volunteers that maintain the reading material. There is a great assortment of magazines, news, finance, health, geographic, home, garden, and just good reading. This provides free reading material to the residents that they can take home. It has been a fantastic concept that works and a wonderful way to ensure the continued use of this historic “reading” room.

The Magazine Exchange should be moved back to its original location. The room has had a purpose for some 280 years – since the Meeting House was built – and we should preserve this historic part of our Village.

If you agree, please express your feelings to the Heritage Village Executive Office and to your Condo Board as well.

Let’s not let this slip away!

From the website: The historic structure now called the Meeting House dates back to 1740. A two-and-one-half story Early American Farmhouse, the first building erected on the site was a traditional five-bay colonial with a massive central chimney. Although altered inside and out, the basic shape remains. The first floor contained two rooms, the current Gun Room, with its huge fireplace, and a library, now the Magazine Exchange.


Robert Scarlett

932A Heritage Village